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Establishing an efficient way to convert excess energy into reusable electrical energy will help to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. Ki-An uses a combination of technologies to deliver a sustainable and highly efficient operation,

Here is just a sample of the technologies that we use:


Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

A method of generating power from waste heat. The ORC unit is based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for electric and thermal power generation, especially suitable for distributed generation.


Thermoelectric Generators

A thermoelectric generator is a solid state device that converts heat flux directly into electrical energy. Thermoelectric generators function like heat engines, but are less bulky and have no moving parts


Nudura Thermal Building Systems

Building homes and commercial properties using solid insulated wall technology. This technology allows for more efficient heating and cooling properties: reducing energy usage and saving money.


Spin Seebeck Effect (SSE) and Peltier Effect

The Seebeck and Peltier Effects describe how temperature differences inside a thermoelectric generator can be turned into electricity. A hot surface in contact with the cold junction will be cooled down and a cold surface in contact with the hot junction will be heated up. This effect can be used as a heat pump for heating and cooling applications.


Renewable Energy Systems: Solar, Wind, Water

  • Solar: capturing the radiant light and heat from the sun
  • Wind: harnessing the power of the wind
  • Water: deriving energy from the motion of water

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