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Significantly reduce your emissions by reusing energy from heat generated from your industrial processes. Combine this with other sustainable energy sources to work towards becoming a truly zero carbon business.



Through a combination of improving insulation as well as reclaiming and recycling waste energy, we can assist you in significantly reducing the volume of energy that you need to purchase.



By utilising the waste heat from your industrial processes you will increase your energy efficiency and significantly reduce your energy costs: potentially increasing your income from on-selling any surplus energy generated.

Ki-An AG

Turning excess heat generated by your business into green and renewable energy

Project A solar panel

Energy Recycling

A recycling solution converts otherwise wasted energy into electricity or thermal energy.

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Energy from Heat

A significant amount of heat is generated in data and telecom centres, which is usually treated as wasted heat, rather than as a resource.

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Battery Storage

Data Centres

Data Centre design is evolving quickly: fuelled by the ever-increasing need for efficiencies and sustainability.

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Our Story

Something About Us

Ki-An AG is a global energy consultancy and solution provider that researches and develops sustainable ways to deliver green and renewable energy for businesses including data and telecommunication centres. 

We guide the entire process: from the initial cutting-edge consultation, through considered design and engineering, before supplying the perfect energy solution. We can also arrange and assist clients with any funding requirements that may be needed.


Ki-An Investing in the future of renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are our future. We are so committed to helping our clients to reduce their carbon emissions that we will help them financially make the move to green energy.

We structure, support invest in raising funds...

Working with profitable GreenTech Projects in Europe and Internationally:

  • Solar and Wind Energy
  • Battery Storage Technologies
  • Hydrogen Fuel and Storage technologies
  • Water Purification Recycling Technologies Plastic and Waste

Green Tech Trends

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humans as it’s effects become more frequent: creating a sustainable future is a key focus for government and businesses. This means reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions produced whilst recycling and reusing our precious resources.


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