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Specialist Energy Solutions

Ki-An delivers from a portfolio of technologies that generates sustainable, renewable energy for a range of operations.

Great for the environment
The efficient use of energy reduces the need for fossil fuels and reduces the volume of emissions.

Great for competitiveness
Recycling otherwise wasted energy, reduces spending on energy bills and makes a business more competitive.

Great for business
Any unwanted energy generated from waste energy can be on-sold, creating a new income stream.

Great for meeting targets
When combined with energy from other passive and sustainable energy sources, the facility can become truly zero carbon initiative.

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Reduce energy costs and greenhouse gases by recycling energy

Energy Recycling Solutions

A recycling solution converts otherwise wasted energy into electricity or thermal energy. Often used in manufacturing facilities, power plants, and large institutions, it is an efficient form of power generation that reduces energy costs and can significantly minimise greenhouse gas pollution.   

Forms of energy recycling include:

  • Waste heat recovery
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Waste heat recovery from air conditioning
  • Heat pumps
  • Thermal storage

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Efficient and sustainable - capturing energy from heat

Energy from Heat Solutions

A significant amount of heat is generated in data and telecom centres, which is usually treated as wasted heat, rather than as a resource. We recycle this excess heat, turning it into green energy.  

  • Drastically reduce operating costs and dependency on grid power
  • Run more sustainable operations. 

Introducing an ‘Energy from Heat’ (EfH) unit will harness the excess heat and turn it into useful electricity. Not only does this reduce the need for large and costly AHUs to cool the environment to the optimum operating temperature – and the space to house them – excess energy can be stored in batteries to be used when required.  

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Designing sustainable, cost effective Data Centres

Data Centres

Data Centre design is evolving quickly: fuelled by the ever-increasing need for efficiencies and sustainability. There is a clear need to reduce spiraling operating costs caused by the volume of energy needed to sustain optimum conditions in the equipment room.   

Achieving energy efficiencies in a Data Centre is possible by careful consideration of: 

  • Thermal Insulation 
  • Heat reclaim 
  • Reduction of Heat load 
  • Sustainable Energy Sources

It is time to minimise the carbon footprint of your new or existing data centre and reap considerable savings in opex spending and the lifetime costs of the facility. 

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