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About Us


Global Energy Consultancy

A global energy consultancy and solution provider: researching and developing sustainable ways to deliver green and renewable energy


Sustainable Solutions

Specialising in recycling waste energy, the team generates bespoke, innovative & sustainable solutions



Our vision is to be the premier forward-thinking investors and partners

Green energy is our passion

Based in Switzerland, our team brings together like-minded individuals each with over 20 years of relevant industry experience and draws on an international network of experts in their respective fields. Our team combines knowledge of energy generation, architecture and construction, the delivery of projects and the supply of renewable energy. 

Why Choose Us?

Allow us to help you to meet climate change targets

The drive towards a sustainable future is a key focus for many governments, as is reducing carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. Our innovative solutions and experience support businesses in exceeding local targets, helping the planet and reassuring your clients.

Allow us to help you to work more efficiently

Maximising the way you use energy goes beyond simply using less of it. We will help you improve the performance of your systems and processes, to expand energy efficiencies and benefit from working more effectively, as well as efficiently.

Allow us to help you to significantly reduce energy demands and costs

Reusing and recycling energy reduces your operating costs and your dependency on grid power.  

We will introduce you to the optimum way to use your environment to create electricity as well as energy storage options. 

Our mission is to become the first choice for the owners and operators of data and telecom centres, and other heat-generating companies, who demand an innovative, forward-thinking and experienced approach to renewable energy.